You won’t find the top survey sites by going through online search results for good paying surveys. That hasn’t worked in years, and if you’ve tried it recently, you know how awful the results are. You go from link to link, hoping that at least one of them will pan out and are actually paying good cash. It hasn’t happened yet for you though, right? I see this way too often.

Forget everything you know about looking for the top survey sites. Forget all “inside” info you’ve heard from any websites that want you to pay a fee to collect their database of the best paying websites for paid surveys. It’s all garbage. I’m going to give you the real deal, without the fee, and the info will be truthful. 4 long years of figuring out this industry has given me a lot of insight into this way of earning cash and I don’t want to keep it all for myself. If you want to see the tips I have in store for you, check my recent posts to your right. If you want to top survey sites that are paying the most cash for paid surveys, well, lets get right to it. In order from 1 to 3, let’s start with my favorite…

#1 Pinecone Research
I think back to when I first started looking for the top survey sites, and I don’t ever remember seeing them on any of the lists. That’s when I was sticking solely with search engines. That was the problem. It wasn’t until I used the world of big, general kinds of forums that I found out the truth. Since the minute I signed up (for free, of course), I haven’t even consider another website for this #1 spot. It’s like they have an unlimited amount of free online paid surveys for you to take. You know how at other websites, you have sit around sometimes and wait for them to put new ones up? Well, that rarely happens here. In addition to that, they usually pay the most for every one they have. Not all the time, but on average, you make much more cash here. That’s why they are one of the top survey sites online. You can sign up for pinecone research here.

#2 – Global Test Market

There was a time when the industry of paid surveys started. The second it began to blossom, Global Test Market was there. That’s how long they’ve been around. They are so trusted online that many of the biggest companies from around the world give their paid surveys to them first. Because they get exclusive paid surveys, they can offer quite a bit more cash to the people (you) doing them. Now, they might not have as “many” as other websites, but the ones they do have usually pay much more than the lower level competitors.

#3- My Points

If you take a quick look around the web, you will see tons of people who are scared of the word “points”. They think that all you can get is an entry to some random raffle drawing instead of them paying you, or something crazy like that. Not all websites that offer points are like that, though. My Points is a perfect example of this. You turn those points right into cold hard cash at the end of every month, which is why they fly under the radar when it comes to the top survey sites online. It’s the best kept secret, because in my experience, they have the shortest paid surveys out there. It makes time fly by, and before you know it, you’ve done ten of them in an hour and made a very nice chunk of change.

Those are the top survey sites online, because they have the best paying paid surveys.